Monday, April 18, 2005

BFG (big friendly giant) and LFE (little friendly elf)

Ms. Katie fellow Teach for America Corps Member in NYC (bilingual, may I add!)...congratulations BFG!!!!! :) Posted by Hello


Anonymous Sukhee So said...

Hey, Lori!
I think this is such a great idea-to post all that your doing so that everyone can get a piece of your life. I did the same thing while I was in Korea and I think it's also great for yourself too.
Hope all is going well. Miss you! Love,

2:53 AM

Blogger Daniel Northcraft said...

Nice long post. How was the costume party? 4 more weeks and you are done. If you want to know what summer break feels like call me I'm already on it. hahahah

1:29 AM

Blogger The Protagonist said...

Hey. A woman told me to search blogger for other TFA members, and I'm glad I did. Your blog was great, and gave me a glimpse of what I can expect as I start TFA. Keep up the great work.

1:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey ya LFE, I finally read your blog. It was really interesting. Sounds like you're doing well. Do you get to come home at all for the summer? I'd love to see you. Take care chica.

1:40 PM


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