Tuesday, August 09, 2005

"F" Stands for Flexibility

At Teach for America institute I was always told that the "F" in TFA stands for flexibility. On Friday, I found that to be very true. I stopped by school to drop off maps, books, and other social studies goodies that I had been collecting all summer. Upon asking for my classroom keys my assistant principal said, "Yeah, you're starting this school year in a new classroom with a new grade level and different subject." My initial response was, "You're kidding, right?" Unfortunately, he was not. After my initial shock and disappointment settled in, I started to collect my belongings from "salon 20" and move them to my new room.

My new assignment is first grade reading; I will be teaching primarily in English, but to children with widely varying proficiency of the English language. Thankfully, I get to teach reading all day as I will have three rotations of students. This means considerably less preparation than last year, but more collaboration with fellow teachers in my "triad." After nearly completing the classroom move and beginning of the year preparation, I'm excited about my new teaching challenge. As one wise friend advised me, "Lori, you have such a rewarding job, you get to spend all day teaching young children to read."


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