Saturday, May 20, 2006

Teach for America Alumni Induction

Last weekend we had a big all-corps celebratory dinner. We have (nearly) completed our two-year committments with Teach for America; now we join over 12,000 TFA alumni. Although, since my diploma mysteriously disappeared, I've been joking that I'll have to stay for a third year. It was great to see my teaching buddies again, many for the last time before I move. We have been each others' support network since bravely moving here two years ago. Here I am posing with my second set of roommates: Greg, Corbin, Ali, and Jana. Greg's heading to chemistry graduate school in Illinois, Corbin is going to be a TFA program director in the Valley, Ali will be a national TFA recruiter in Colorado, and Jana is staying in her high school teaching placement for another year before heading to grad school. So many different paths in the weeks ahead! Posted by Picasa


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