Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mexico Trip

I celebrated the end of the school year with a week of travel in colonial Mexico. I had to take advantage of living so close to the border before moving "north." My good friend Greta and I enjoyed exploring numerous historic cities (San Luis Potosi, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Guadalajara, and Zacatecas). Greta and I met through Teach for America summer institute in Houston (we were team teachers) and we've stayed in contact since then. We stayed in cheap hostels and ate lots of yummy street and restaurant food along the way. All of our travels were by bus, although not always fully successfully (we ended up taking mini-detours along the way). As the sole Spanish speaker in our group, I felt responsible for any minor mishaps. Greta got food poisoning...poor thing! But, we had a fabulous time speaking (learning) Spanish and enjoying Mexican culture. We took an overnight bus back to the border in time for my last school/teacher meeting about a special needs student. Then, Greta and I drove together to Houston for the evening, before heading to her parents' place in Mobile, Alabama. In Mobile we split, after spending over 9 days together and I drove to my new home in Atlanta. You can enjoy all of the pictures from our trip to the interior of Mexico. Posted by Picasa


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