Saturday, November 25, 2006

Atlanta Half Marathon

Scott and I raced in Atlanta's Thanksgiving Half Marathon on Thursday. We have been training for a couple of months for the big race. It was Scott's longest race ever (only 2nd road race ever!) and my 2nd half marathon. After visiting the expo on Wednesday and getting some great deals on dri-fit clothes, we had a big pasta dinner. Then on Thanksgiving Day we were out of the house before the sunrise to head to the start line. Luckily, it wasn't too chilly (high 30's or so)....but we still raced in long sleeved shirts and pants. Two of Scott's roommates and their dog, Vegas, (in the picture) came out to cheer us on. A few miles into the race we saw Lisa, the mother of the little girls I babysit for, so we all ran together for awhile. We ran about 7:30 minute miles for the first 6 miles, then Scott continued cruising and I slowed a bit during the killer hills in the middle of the race. Scott's time was 1 hr. 37 min. and mine was 1 hr. 42 min. (a P.R. from my San Antonio half). We were quite sore and tired afterwards, but had a great time. I was excited to see my babysitting family at the finish line along with my roomie and classmate, Julie. After a good stretch and shower, Scott and I headed to his parents' house in an Atlanta suburb for a Thanksgiving feast.

Funny little kid perspective:
Lisa told her daughters, "The first half of the race was really tough because Lori and her friend Scott were pushing me" Shocked looks on Lauren and Jillian's faces..."What? Lori pushed you during the race? That doesn't sound like something she'd do."

Haha...children take things so literally sometimes :) Posted by Picasa


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