Monday, November 13, 2006

Fall Comes to Georgia

Yes, fall finally made it to Georgia and I couldn't have been happier. After returning from my whirlwind trip to Oregon, my roommate reminded me that I we were heading out on a camping trip in the North Georgia mountains that weekend. Helen, GA (the same town we visited for tubing the Chattahoochee....see old post) was having it's annual Octoberfest, and we definitely could not miss out on the festivities. So, four of us drove a couple hours north of the city to the "mountains" (not by OR standards). I, of course, loved the fall foliage (that's such a funny word). Highlights of the trip include: my $4 country-style omlet, smores made over my backpacking camping stove because we couldn't start the fire, getting picked up by a 65-year old biker, and staying snug and dry in my tent during a torrential rainstorm (my roommate Kate was not so fortunate, we didn't stretch out the rainfly on her side...oops!). Posted by Picasa


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