Saturday, February 17, 2007

San Diego

Wait...there aren't palm trees in Georgia! Nope, but January 28th and 29th I wasn't in Atlanta, I was in San Diego! A Teach for America recruiter said I was her top choice to participate in an Alumni panel at University of California-San Diego. How could I say no...a free trip to CA?! And, I only had to miss 3 hours of lecture. So, it's quite crazy to fly across the country early on a Sunday morning, recruit all day on a college campus on Monday, then fly back to the Southeast on a red eye to make Tuesday's 8am class. But, in Lori-style, that's just what I did. It was a quick and fun trip! My highlights were meeting 3 fantastic TFA alumni, talking with some motivated college seniors, relaxing in my fancy hotel room all by myself, and meeting up with Amber for dinner!!!
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