Saturday, February 17, 2007

My 25th Birthday

I'm now officially a quarter century old! I celebrated my birthday on the second day back to school! When I got back from my morning run, I found a "happy birthday" banner and "birthday girl" crown sitting outside my room. Then, Kate made me oatmeal, put a candle in it and sang Happy Birthday to me. Of course, I wore the crown to school all day and out later in the evening....she knew I would wear it (the crown has since been passed around for 5 other classmates' birthdays...and we changed it to say "Birthday King" for Kate's boyfriends recent b-day). Anyway, after school 20 friends helped me celebrate by gathering at "Taqueria del Sol" a cute taco place in downtown Decatur that I'd been dying to try. I received lots of thoughtful cards and gifts from my friends. And the best part of my birthday is that I get phone calls and emails from family and best friends across the country all in ONE day. I enjoyed hearing from my well-wishing friends in WA, OR, CA, OH, VA, IL and TX....thanks! Posted by Picasa


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