Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nashville Country Music Marathon

A group of my physical therapy classmates took a road trip to Nashville, TN to participate in/cheer for the Country Music Marathon. My friend, Lindsay, ran the full marathon and Kate (roommate) and Brian (her boyfriend) raced the half. We made T-shirts that spelled out RAMBO (Lindsay's awesome last name) and KATE on the back and were a mobile cheering section. I ended up running miles 19-25 with Rambo, gathering other friends along the way. We had a blast; after the race we got to attend a Sarah Evans concert (for free) and enjoy Nashville's nightlife. The next morning, I met up with a former Teach for America buddy, Megan, who is in speech therapy school in Nashville. All in all, a fun weekend...followed by an exam the next week; just my style! :)


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