Saturday, February 17, 2007

Travel Plans!

Can't stay put for too long....I'm always itching to travel! Here are adventures I'm looking forward to:

End of March....Rio Grande Valley, Texas!!!
-My good friend and classmate, Megan is traveling with me during our mini-spring break to the "Valley" I can't wait to show her the Island, Mexico, Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, my school. She'll get to meet my former students and great friends there! And....tacos, lonches, raspas, migas, ceviche, coronas, aguas frescas....mmm...can't wait!

End of May.....Perth, Australia!!!
-My brother is studying abroad in Western Australia, a great excuse to go explore another part of the world. Plus, there are always good times to be had when the Northcraft siblings are together :)

August....Roseburg, Oregon!!!
-Nothing quite like going home :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "Go Another Place" girl is at it again! Sounds like a fun schedule, as always take lots of photo's and don't drop the camera!!!!!

Guess who?

5:25 PM

Anonymous Sarah Gee said...

Lori - maybe when you're in Roseburg I'll make a trip down and we can have lunch one day! I'd love to catch up with you! ~ Sarah G (formerly H) :)

7:39 PM


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