Saturday, April 12, 2008

Going National

Our abstract was chosen for a platform presentation at American Physical Therapy Association's Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas! The presentation will be about last spring's pilot service learning project with Emory Physician Assistant students on South Georgia Farmworker Health Project.-which I initiated. Two of my PT friends will be presenting in San Antonio...I, unfortunately, had to choose between presenting and participating in the project due to clinical scheduling with St. Jude. But, I'll be supporting my classmates from South Georgia!

My name is in print in Physical Therapy Journal!


Blogger Prince Hamilton said...

Lori, are you sure that socioeconomic and cultural factors prevent the migrant workers from having easy access to basic healthcare? Methought it was political: documentation. No documents no social security to work and no social security to work less money and less money less access to healthcare. Therefore the prime root or the root cause of the problem is their illegality. True, a few of the migrant workers can afford easy access to healthcare but those who can easily make good money to afford for easy access to healthcare would be in other fields like construction or auto repairs.
Now if you talk about nationals who are underserved and unable to have easy access to healthcare then we can talk of those who are prevented by socioeconomic and cultural factors. This group did not obtain the proper education to acquire better jobs and cannot pay their health insurance that could give them easy access to healthcare. But for the migrant workers I think political factors outweigh socioeconomic and cultural factors.
Nonetheless, I wish you the best in your undertaking.

3:03 AM

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