Sunday, January 20, 2008

Backpacking in the North Georgia Mountains

Scott and I are certainly known for our spontaneous adventures! One Saturday morning I got a phone call from him asking if I wanted to go backpacking (that night!). I had just helped him pick out his first hiking backpack at REI. And he was anxious to put it to use! So, I made some calls, did some online searching, and found the perfect backcountry getaway. We planned to hike up Raybun Bald, Georgia's 2nd-highest peak. However, we mis-calculated the trailhead and ended up hiking for a few hours on the wrong trail. Eventually we started bush-whacking (translation--going off trail straight up the mountain) to try to get to the top because it was dark. Thankfully Nancy the Navigator (my GPS) got us back to my car the next morning, bush-whacking again. Then we found the real trail (only 1/10th of a mile up the road) and summited Georgia's 2nd highest peak (Raybun Bald). Yay for adventures! Here's all of our pictures.


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