Sunday, January 20, 2008

Road Rash on the Face

When I returned from Oregon, I had one free day before classes began again. Scott called and woke me up after my red-eye flight and wanted to go on a bike ride. We had a fun ride through some rougher areas of Atlanta, then he got a flat tire. We worked on fixing that for an hour or so, then finally headed back to my apartment. Then, less than a mile from my house, I rode my bike too close to the edge of the blacktop, jack-knifed my handlebars, dove headfirst toward the road with my bike landing on top of me. Fortunately, Scott stopped on his bike just before running me over, and the cars did too. But, my cheek took most of the fall. I had a nice road rash on my face, just in time for the first day of a new semester of classes. Scott attempted to help me wash it up (aka, scrubbing hard with a washcloth), but as he admitted "I"m not a very good nurse." Needless to say, I always watch out for the blacktop near that intersection!


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